Monday, March 22, 2010

Project Objectives

Objective 1: To render home-based care services to 200 families by December 2010.

Home-based Care & Development activities include:

ü Identifying OVC’s / PLWHA

ü Assistance in obtaining birth certificates, death certificates and ID’s

ü Food parcels for desperate situations in consultation with Social Services

ü Following up with social services on behalf of OVC’s for child/foster grants and PLWHA for disability grants.

ü Providing of school clothes, donated blankets and other items

ü Ensuring school attendance in consultation with schools

ü HIV/AIDS education

ü Educating and monitoring the adherence of TB/ARV medication

ü Counseling

ü Encouraging VCT

ü Caregiver workshops

ü Support Groups

Early Learning Centre

Toddlers (ages 2-6)

Objective 2: To render child-care and pre-school services to 30 children aged 0-6 by December 2010.

Activities includes:

ü 2 Meals

ü Transport to and from the centre because some of the homes are 5km from tar road

ü Medical Support

ü Pre-school skills development including:

1. Gross motor skills

2. Fine motor skills

3. Visual perception

4. Auditory perception

5. Music & Time

6. Mathematical Concepts

7. Structured Play and Free Play

Primary and High Shool Children (ages 7-18)

Objective 3: To render afterschool services to 30 schoolgoing children by December 2010.

Activities includes:

ü Meal after school

ü Help with homework

ü HIV/AIDS education

ü Counseling

ü Bible Clubs

ü Recreational/Sport activities

ü Vegetable Garden

ü Medical Support

ü Career Guidance

Adult Literacy

Objective 4: Run an literacy program (ABET) for 20 adults by December 2010

Income generation

Objective 5: To ensure that the project and beneficiaries become more self sustainable through:

ü Expanding the pre-school services to include children attending for a fee during 2010.

ü Establishing a private school (including a class for slow learners- not at all available in the area) by January 2011

ü Offering training to other rural pre-school teachers in the district be January 2011.

Foster Care

Objective 6: Establish a 6-bed place of safety/foster care home for abandoned children focusing on children living with HIV/AIDS by January 2011.

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