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Children attending the Centre

Background of children attending the Centre


Age: 10

Gender: Female

Number of people in household: 4 children

6 adults (grandparents, 2 uncles, 2 aunts)


Sarah’s mother was terminally ill with HIV when we were asked to help in December 2008. We took her to a hospice where she lived for 3 months and then passed away. Sarah and her 2 brothers live with their grandparents on the Vlakfontein farm.

The children were all extremely traumatized by the death of their mother. They all performed really poorly at school and school attendance was erratic.

They were all undernourished and poor. The grandfather suffers from a kidney disorder. Sarah herself was constantly ill.

Assistance provided:

Arranged for Sarah’s mother to go into hospice

Assisted with the funeral of Sarah’s mother

Took grandfather to the doctor which diagnosed him with kidney failure

Assisted grandfather to obtain disability grant until he can retire

Assisted him be stabilized and receive ongoing treatment

Sarah and her one brother are attending Ubuhle Centre where they are counseled and helped with homework and received meals.

Arranged for social worker to secure an orphan grant for Sarah which the grandparents are now receiving

The social worker is monitoring the progress of the family

Took Sarah for HIV, TB and sugar diabetes tests

Arranged a job for the 1 uncle living in the home

Bought clothes for Sarah

Farmer’s wife of Vlakfontein took Sarah under her wing and she visits there on weekends


Sarah has changed into a happy secure little girl

Her school performance has improved remarkably

She has gained weight and is no longer sick all the time


Age: 4

Gender: Female

Grade: Preschool Level

Number of people in household 6 children

5 Adults (2 Aunts, grandmother and 2 uncles)


When Ubuhle started visiting the farm families, Pretty was a first orphan found we found. Her mother burnt to death when her shack (tin house) caught on fire. Pretty was taken under the care of her grandmother. Pretty lives at Witfontein farm with her Grandmother.

Assistance Provided

Took her to Ubuhle Preschool

Provide meals four times a day

Fetching her from her Grandmother‘s house 40 kilometers away from the Centre

Another 40 kilometers to drop her off

Assisted with obtaining a birth certificate

Secured a social grant for her

Provide food parcels

Provide clothes

Took her to Clinic for medical assistance

Teaching her at preschool

Prepare her for a formal school


When Pretty started at the centre she was tiny and very weak, but she develop very well and is now strong and healthy.


Age: 2

Gender: Female

Grade: Care Group

Number of people in household 8 children

5 Adults (Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles)


Lindokuhle’s mother is still very young she dropped out from school and after her child was born she found a job as a domestic worker. Her grandmother is raising her and also two of her sister’s (who passed away) children. Both these children are disabled - they can’t talk and the grandmother is having a drinking problem and she is always fighting with her husband

Lindokuhle is malnourished and grandmother is not caring for her properly. She has problems with her ears – constant puss running out. She had an operation few weeks ago but her ears have not cleared up yet.

Lindokuhle started at the Centre January 2010.

Assistance Provided

Assisted family with Identity books and birth certificates for all the children

Assisted them to apply for social grants

Took the children to clinic

Referred the grandmother to the social workers

Provide her with 4 meals a day

Food Parcels and clothes


Took her to the clinic – arranged for ears to be looked at

She is now eating healthy at the centre and malnourishment should clear up in 6 month or so.

Home situation is improving due to intervention of the social worker.


Age: 15

Gender: Female


Number of people in household 2 children

2 adults (Mother and a grandmother)


Thulisile ‘s mother is single and physically disabled and unemployed. Thulisile’s mother received a disability grant – approx R900 pm - she was in an accident. Then a few months ago the grant stopped without a valid reason. Our social worker is investigating this. This is the only income for Thulisile and her 6 year old brother.

Thulisile and her brother age 6 live with their mother and grandmother at the farm Vlakfontein.

When Thulisile started at the Centre she was struggling with her studies especially Math.

Assistance provided

Provide meal after school

Assist with homework

Provide stationary

Provide clothes and school uniform

Provide food parcel every month

Help her to improve her dancing and acting and fulfill her dreams

Teaching computer basic lessons because school doesn’t provide computer lessons


Her studies improved remarkably.

She was elected as the best Grade 8 learner in 2009 in her school she was promoted to grade 10 instead of 9 but her mother refused the offer.

The was an article of her in one of the local newspaper. You can imagine her joy as she posed for a photo with her trophy.


Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grade: 10

Number of people in household 12 children

Adults 9 (Grandparents Aunts and cousins)


Johannes ‘s family is one of the biggest family on the farm around the Centre. They depend solely on the disability grant of one uncle and a Grandfather’s pension (Approx R1 500 pm). His mother discovered that she was HIV positive when she was pregnant her 5th baby in 2008. She is living in denial and got herself pregnant yet again. Each of her six children has a different father. Middle last year she ran off with her latest boyfriend.

Johannes’s family faces one trauma after the other. His one uncle died because of HIV and the other one of Malaria and a third one committed suicide last year. This is not the kind of life any child will choose for himself.

Assistance Provided

Counseling for the whole family through difficult times

Counseling for his mother

Took the mother to clinic for supplements booster

Referred her and helped her to start HIV medication – but she defaulted.

Provided clothes and uniform

Food parcels


Meal every day after school

Helping him with homework

Assist with identity books and Birth Certificates

Basics lessons on computer

Provide him with a bicycle


Johannes is a young, talented and intelligent man. He wants to be an architect. He has real drawing talent.

He was not coping before with the family issues and it affected his studies .

But since he started at the Centre he receives counseling and surrounded by loving and caring people he is doing much better generally and also performing better at school.

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