Monday, March 22, 2010

Progress to date

June 08 : Needs assessment conducted by visiting homes, social development and other stakeholders

July 09 : Home-Based Care Program commences

Many PLWHA assisted by networking with Sizanani

Nov/Dec 08 : Venue becomes available for Early Learning Centre

Basic renovations of the building

Jan – Dec 09 : Skeleton equipment purchased for early learning centre

Alarm system installed

12 local farmworker volunteers secured who worked the whole year for no payment

28 toddlers started pre-school

25 children attending after-school

10 adults attending night literacy school

Youth Club training course – 8 staff Members training

Afterschoolers attend Easter Camp

Children received bicycles

100 families visited

65 ID’s and 21 Birth certificates secured

Pre-school training received by all volunteers

Training a group of pre-school teachers from another rural area

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