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Newsletter 3 - May 2009

NEWSLETTER 3 April/May 2009

Good News Club

The goal of Good News Club is for the children to hear and to have an opportunity to respond to God’s Word.

In this area there are almost no other Christian witness and many children need extra love and care due to physical and emotional neglect.

The important task of teaching boys and girls God’s Word have been carried out for the past few months. I thank God for the unique opportunity of reaching boys and girls with the systematic teaching of the Bible. As we know 2 Timothy 3:15 tells of how the Scriptures “makes one wise to salvation”.

I am encouraged by the evidence of spiritual growth in the children. Their prayers are passionate and meaningful. God is clearly at work in the lives of the children.

I praise and thank Him for the opportunity to be a co-worker here at Ubuhle.

Zodwa – Child Evangelism Facilitator

There is a different club for each age group:

Ù Preschool Club Ù Primary School Club Ù High School Club

Zodwa is also training the helpers at the centre as Good News Club Facilitators.

Thank you Zodwa for your commitment and for lovingly teaching our children and helpers.

Pre-school Activities

The pre-schoolers had a great second term.

A comprehensive program was launched including:

1. Body Awareness&Integration

2. Language & Speech Dev.

3 Gross & Fine Motor-skills

4. Music & Time

5. Mathematical Concepts

Activities included:

1. Balloon volleyball.

2. Obstacle Courses including climbing over and under chairs, walking on beams, crawling through tunnels and dribbling a ball around Coke bottles.

3. Playing games, learning songs drawing, colouring and writing.

4. A trip to Bronkhorstspruit town (8km from the centre). Most of the toddlers have never been there.


“The centre has a huge impact on our community. Before our brothers and sisters had no-one to turn to with their difficulties. I have gained experience in teaching children through workshops and this is my soul food, ‘education’. To know that everyday I can wake up and make a difference in the lives of others brings me great joy”

Lindiwe – Afterchool Helper

“I am grateful for the help with my schoolwork and learning to speak English. We learned how to use a dictionary. I can play soccer and now have a bicycle.”

Edward – Afterschooler

“Last year I was struggling with maths, but this year I am passing with flying colours. Thank you to those who are helping me with homework. Life has changed now that we learnt how to love others. We are happy here at the centre.”

Thulisile – Afterschooler

“I feel so good because today I am speaking English and I learnt my time-tables and prime factors. I also love playing different sports.”

Thulani – Afterschooler


The Kungwini Department of Transport gave our children bicycles to assist them to travel (up to 4.8km) to the bus-stop, where they catch the schoolbus every day. The bus-stop is close to the centre and the children can leave their bicycles at the centre when they attend school.

We received 13 bicycles , not enough to give one to every child, but we were able to give one to each family represented.

The children then take turns using the bicycle.

The traffic department came to the centre to teach the children about road safety.

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